Standard ABCD, Premium BCDE (MT 20% AB 423)
Launch date:
Dead line tender answer: 2014-08-28
To add depth to the segment.
Style and taste profile: We are looking for a clean, youthful and fruity wine with notes of wild raspberries, cherries, herbs and chocolate. The wine can have notes of oak but this is not a requirement.
Product requirements:
Price to consumer: 69 SEK Ex Cellar Price (Euro): 1,7 – 2,2
Country of origin:
EU product category: Wine from EU with protected geographic denomination
Type of product: Red wine
750 ml
Available volume (liters): 45 000 liters
Type of closure: Screw cap of stelvin type
Varieties/varietal blend: Minimum 85% sangiovese
Residual sugar (g/l): Maximum 5
Designation of origin
(as stated on packaging):
IGT Toscana
Other requirements: Please observe that only one wine per producer can be offered.
Minimum 50% of the required volume must come from the producer’s own (owned or rented) vineyards.
The grape variety must be clearly stated on the front label.

The following mandatory information must be stated in the offer:

Information about the supplier Optional information, can facilitate the communication with the Systembolaget purchaser
Information about the producer All fields to be completed.
Product information All fields to be completed (except Cash refund per bottle recycled and Comments).
Product information – Wine All fields to be completed (Grape variety blend in % and Method of ageing can be disregarded).
Attach files Completed Guarantee of Supply.
Color picture of the bottle with a legible label.


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